Puja is cornerstone of our Hindu Religion.

At the temple

Organized By Temple

A number of services are organied by the temple. These services are performed by the temple priests on behalf of devotees sponsoring the service.

Devotees are encouraged to be in attendance for the service they have sponsored.

Devotees are requested to be in the temple at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

Private Service

There are a number of services that can be performed as a private service on an auspicious day and time for an individual devotee or a devotee family.

Many such services require coordination of priest times and availability, so we request you to plan ahead and send in a Seva Request at the earliest possible.

Annual Sponsorship

Many devotees sponsor a puja or abhishekam to be performed periodically for a devatha of their choice through out the year.

Such pujas that can be sponsored annually will be listed on the calendar at the beginning of the year.

Devotees can maximize the benefit of such sponsorship when they register and pay for such service early on in the year.