Kitchen services

Temple taking orders for Deepawali Sweets & Snacks

Sweets: Prices as follows, up to #100 is $1 per piece, #100-250, $0.75 per piece and #250 and above $0.60 per piece.

  • Laddu (Tirupati Style) small
  • Almond burfy
  • Coconut burfy
  • Mysore pak
  • Sweet bondi

Snacks: 1/2 tray Priced at $50 and Full tray priced at $100.

  • Corn chevda
  • Spicy Sev
  • Spicy Boondi

Orders taken on tray basis for snacks and per piece for sweets. Bulk order and temple members get discounts.

*Orders to be placed before 10/18/2019.*

PS: No shipment to remote locations. Delivery options available within Indianapolis area and charges may vary for locations.

HTCI Kitchen provides diversified menu to its devotees with carefully planned Menu for the calendar week. Our Masala Dosa and Puliyogre (Tamarind Rice) is hailed for its best taste. We only cook Satwik food which is purely vegetarian (without onions and garlic). We try to accommodate as many combinations as possible and we are happy to serve you !

Please contact Kitchen chair ( for any questions or clarifications. (Ph:+1-317-645-8199)

standard menu

HTCI takes catering orders as well for all below items and it shall be provided and priced per tray for both inside temple and outside events. Kindly plan and place catering order at least 3 weeks in advance so that it gives HTCI kitchen team some time to plan and deliver your order.


  1. Masala Dosa (With Sambar & Chutney)
  2. Idly (With Sambar & Chutney)
  3. Utappam (With Sambar & Chutney)

Rice Items

Puliyogre, Lemon Rice, Mango Rice, Curd Rice, Bisi BeLe Bath, Pongal, Plain Rice, Pulau & Curd Rice.

Poori or Chapati with Sabji or Gravy - Alu Gobi, Paneer Butter Masala, Dal, Chana / Chole Masala, Kala Chana, Rajma Masala.


  1. Raita
  2. Pickle


  1. Kesari (Sooji Halwa),
  2. Sweet Pongal

Packed Sweets & Snacks

  1. Laddu
  2. Boondi
  3. Poha Mixture
  4. Salted Puff Rice


  1. Medu Vada (With Sambar & Chutney)
  2. Dal Vada or Masala Vada
  3. Dahi Vada (Curd Vada)
  4. Dhokla (With Chutney)
  5. Vada Pav

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