Service Policies - Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

Service Policies

Temple policy on Private Puja & Charges

  1. Service charges listed above do not include Dakshina/Sambhavana for the Priest. Please provide Dakshina to Priest separately.
  2. Service Charges to Temple can be either paid by cash or check (Payable to Hindu Temple of Central Indiana) on the day of the Puja with Priest or in advance at the temple.
  3. Transportation for the priest is at the discretion of the devotee. Devotee can choose to pick and drop the priest at the temple before and after the services. Alternatively, if Devotee wants the priest to drive to and from the service location, there will be a 55 cents per mile travel charge (as per IRS Policy) to be paid directly to the priest. Mileage will be calculated to and fro from temple address. Mileage charges are in addition to Dakshina & temple charges.
  4. Travel time expenses and dakshina amount need to be paid to the priest after the services.
  5. Cancellations need to be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled Puja date. Cancellation charges ($50 for outside Pujas & $25 for Pujas at temple) will be collected if 48 hour notice is not given.
  6. Change in date/time/location or cancellation of service need to be notified 48 hour in advance to avoid Change/Cancellation Fee.
  7. Basic Puja Setup has to be done by devotee and he/she should be ready with the item list suggested by priest for the Puja. Additional charges of $50 per every hour will apply if the delay is because of devotee's unpreparedness.
  8. For Pujas scheduled at temple location, devotees are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to Puja start time. It is devotee's responsibility to clean the Puja area after the Puja.
  9. In case of Private Puja scheduled at temple, there will be additional charges for temple dining hall/kitchen usage if applicable.

How to request for Private Puja Services

  1. For all your Puja requests (other than archana/vahan Puja) at the temple or at your home, please submit the online form available on our website at least 10 days before the scheduled Puja date. You will be contacted within 48 hours. If you do not get a response within 48 hours, please contact Puja Committee chairperson listed on temple website.
  2. Devotees may contact the priest directly only to get auspicious timing/muhurt for the Puja. Puja will not be scheduled until the completed Puja service request form is submitted to Please specify alternate date and time whenever possible. This will expedite the process of Puja confirmation.

General Policies

  1. Temple will not accept any Statue/Vigraha/Photo/Book/Calendar/Used Flowers/Used Puja Samagiri/Home Puja Remains from devotees. Devotees are kindly requested NOT to bring such items and place it anywhere in temple premises.
  2. Vasthrams on Deities will be adorned only as per temple specification. If a devotee wishes to sponsor vasthram, it must be arranged through temple 10 days in advance.
  3. Temple will accept only the following Abhishekam materials from devotees. Milk (Organic Preferred), Yogurt (Organic Preferred), Ghee (Fresh Preferred), Honey, Rose Water, Brown Sugar, Sandol Powder, Sacred Ash and Turmeric Powder.
  4. In general, Temple will make arrangements for neyvedyams or food for devotees. When requested to bring neyvedyam, please limit your offerings to either fresh fruits or dry fruits or home made vegetarian dishes free of onion and garlic. Following food items are strictly prohibited from offering to any Deity: Donuts, Bread, Cake, Chocolates, Candys, Cookies & Brownies.
  5. Devotees are kindly requested NOT to bring artificially colored flowers (natural flower with color sprayed on it) available in store. These flowers when adorned on deity, stains all valuable dress and jewelry. Devotees are encouraged to buy natural flowers.
  6. Deities / Vigrahas brought in for Visarjan should be made of natural clay (eco friendly/biodegradable/not baked) and should dissolve in water.
  7. Photography is strictly prohibited inside main prayer hall.
  8. Devotees are encouraged to come in traditional dress when they enter temple prayer hall.
  9. Please do not touch any Devathas/Vigrahas. Devotees are prohibitted to enter Sanctum Sanctorum. Devotees are prohibitted to light Camphor/Dia/Oil Lamps in front of Sanctum Sanctorum.

Please refer to our web site to learn more about the code of conduct for visitors, devotees and volunteers.