Sponsorship Opportunities - Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

Sponsorship Opportunities

Maha Prasad Seva or Kitchen Sponsorship

Maha Prasad Seva

For a donation of $301, lunch prasad will be served to devotees at the temple on Saturday or Sunday

To reserve your choice of weekend day, please contact Smt. Usha Yemme

Annadaan or Kitchen Sponsorship Request

Flower Sponsorship

On several special occasions, all the deities will be decorated with fresh flowers and garlands. Garlands for all the deities cost around $200.00.

Devotees are requested to come forward and choose the occasion of their choice and sponsor the flowers and garlands.

Donations from $25 and up are accepted.
If you would like to sponsor, please contact Puja Committee Chair

Sponsor Flowers

Annual Sponsorship

Many devotees sponsor a puja or abhishekam to be performed periodically for a devatha of their choice through out the year. Such pujas that can be sponsored annually will be listed on the calendar at the beginning of the year.

Devotees can maximize the benefit of such sponsorship when they register and pay for such service early on in the year.

Pujas that can be sponsored for whole year

Annual Sponsorship

Service Amount
All Year All Abhishekam ($351/month)
All Year Shiva Abhishekam Including Ekadasha Rudram
All Year Special Days* Puja $751
All Year Ganesh Abhishekam (every Sankashtahara Chaturthi) $451
All Year Aandal Abhishekam $451
All Year Ayyappa Abhishekam (Monthly) $451
All Year Balaji Abhishekam (Monthly) $451
All Year Durga Abhishekam & Mata Ki Chowki (Monthly) $451
All Year Hanuman Abhishekam (Monthly) $451
All Year Lakshmi Abhishekam $451
All Year Mahavir Puja (Monthly) $451
All Year Navagraha Abhishekam (Monthly) $451
All Year Parvathy Abhishekam (Monthly) $451
All Year Pradosha Puja (Monthly) $451
All Year Radhakrishna Abhishekam (Monthly) $451
All Year Ram Parivar Abhishekam (Monthly) Incl. Sri Ram Navami $451
All Year Saraswathy Puja (Monthly) $451
All Year Satyanarayana Puja (Monthly) Incl. New Year $451
All Year Shirdi Sai Baba Puja (Monthly) $451
All Year Subramanya Abhishekam (Monthly) $451
All Year Suprabatha Seva (Saturday) (Weekly) $451
One day Nithya Seva for All Devathas $108
Yearly Flower Sponsorship for Shiva/Balaji/Durga
Yearly Flower Sponsorship for all Other Deities
Yearly Archana during Monthly Abhishekam for one Devata $108
All Year Jagannath Puja (Monthly)