Tax 2016 - Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets tax statements?

All devotees who have contributed $100 or more cumulatively during the calendar year 2016 will get a tax statement.

Can the Tax statements be printed and mailed?

HTCI strives to adopt “Go Green” principles and minimize postage cost. In lieu of that, HTCI has opted to send electronic mail of the tax statements rather printing and mailing to devotees.    

What transactions are included in the Tax Statement?

All transactions where the devotee did not receive any benefits for contributions such as donations, paid pledges and all transactions where devotee had only received intangible religious benefits such as payments towards Pooja services and/or membership are included in the statement. 

What transactions are not included in the Tax Statement?

All transactions where a Devotee had received any benefits in return for transactions such as payment towards food purchase, newsletter advertisements, Balagokulum registration, Hindu Camp, facility rental, Annual dinner tickets etc. are not included in the tax statements. In addition, any donations paid via charitable trusts where the tax deductions were already claimed are not included in the tax statement.

Who to contact if you have questions on the tax statement?

Please send an email to with your phone # and detailed explanation of your question.

Can HTCI advise on Tax deductions?

HTCI cannot advise on tax deductions. Please consult your tax advisor on tax deductibility questions.