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Be A Volunteer At The Temple

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others - MKGandhi

volunteers in the kitchen

Our temple is primarily a volunteer organization. Temple Volunteer Pool provides assistance in numerous activities at the temple. Seva is at the heart of our tradition. Your Seva makes our temple stronger.

Joining the Volunteer Pool at the temple is an outstanding way to give the gift of self and to connect with fellow devotees. Volunteering at the temple is easy and can be tailored to your skills, interests and schedule.


Begin the process of becoming a volunteer. Use the following Google Doc link to fill up the volunteer pledge card.

Volunteer Pledge Card - Google Doc

If you are unable to fill up the Google Doc, Download HTCI VOLUNTEER PLEDGE CARD, fill the pledge card and return it to us.

By pledging as a volunteer, you are essentially standing up to be counted, helping us to quantify volunteerism in HTCI. You would also be publicly stating that you think Volunteering is important and will serve as a role model for others.

For more information on Volunteer Pool, contact one of the following people on the Executive Team:

Area Description


To prepare and serve food (Weekends).

Front Desk

To assist devotees at the front desk and answer the phone (Every day during Temple hours).

Computer Work

To assist in data entry, installation/maintenance  of electronic equipment.


To help clean the kitchen and the worship hall (Weekends).

Special Event Preparation 

To decorate worship hall,  To decorate temple exterior,  event coordination.


To assist in parking lot, cleaning the kitchen and worship hall.


To sing bhajans,  to play musical instruments (Special Event programs).


To help plant and maintain temple garden and lawn.


To make fresh flower garlands and flower decorations for Deities.


To assist in temple upkeep and maintenance.