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HTCI 5K Run - August 21, 2022

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Coming out of COVID-19 has been a tough time, but even still our organization wishes to push forth and continue our yearly 5k after 2 years of virtual runs. This year we will be doing things a little different, namely having an in-person and virtual option for runners, with different advantages for each. Each Participant will receive an athletic Tee and a bag containing outreach material from all of the sponsors.

  1. Raise Money for the Temple, and Local Charities:

We hope to attract a total of 250 people to participate in this year's 5k. Funds after expenses will be allocated as follows: 30% will be donated to Local Charities and the Temple Balagokulam Education facilities.

  1. Promote a Healthier Lifestyle:

By hosting a 5k open to anyone and forwarding the proceeds towards a good cause, we can promote a healthier lifestyle for the youth and educate them on the importance of giving back to the community.

Sponsorship Options

  1. Level 4 - 1000+$ Gold Sponsor

Perks: Name included on the posters, name on tees as Gold Sponsors, and 10 free registrations.

  1. Level 3 - 500$ Silver Sponsor

Perks: Name included on the posters, name on tees as Silver Sponsors, and 5 free registrations.

  1. Level 2 - 250$

Perks: Name included on the posters and 2 free registration

  1. Level 1 - 100$

Perks: Name included on the posters