Puja Service Policies

Effective 1/1/2022:

Sending a puja/service request would amount to an automatic acceptance of the below terms and policies set by the temple:

Puja/Service Cost Policy:

  • Puja/Service Charges to Temple can be either paid by cash or check (Payable to “Hindu Temple of Central Indiana” or HTCI) on the day of the puja with the priest or in advance at the temple.

  • Puja/service costs vary based on the distance of the service location from the temple.

  • For Private Puja/Service scheduled at temple, there will be additional facility charges for temple dining hall/kitchen usage (if applicable).

  • Basic Puja setup has to be done by devotees and he/she should be ready with the item list suggested by the priest for the puja. Additional charges of $50/hour will apply if the delay is because of a devotee's unpreparedness for the Puja or time of the puja is changed within 48 hour notice.

  • Please note that this Puja / service costs DOES NOT INCLUDE the following:

    • Mileage: Transportation for the priest is at the discretion of the devotee. Devotees can pick and drop the priest at the temple before and after the services. Alternatively, if Devotee wants the priest to drive, then there will be mileage charge of 58.5 cents/mile (as per IRS 2022 mileage guidelines) and total miles will be calculated to and from the temple address to your home. Mileage is NOT charged by the Temple while booking the Puja and should be paid to the Priest.

    • Dakshina: No religious rite is considered to be complete without a proper Dakshina. Priest Dakshina is NOT charged by the Temple and should be paid separately to the priest, after the Puja, at the discretion of the devotee's satisfaction. In determining the amount of dakshina to be offered to the priest, the devotee should take into account the time devoted by the priest to the performance of a particular ceremony and in reaching the venue of this service.

Puja/Service Temple Policy:

  • Safety: The safety of our Priests/Employees and devotees is paramount. It is expected that where applicable the devotee obtains all city permissions, has adequate insurance, undertakes regulatory compliance, and adheres to fire codes. You are solely responsible for the arrangements inclusive of, sound/volume levels of the Puja, any fires lit, and handling of the Puja material.

  • For Puja scheduled at temple locations, devotees are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to puja start time. It is the devotee's responsibility to clean the puja area after the puja is over. Private puja at temple can be scheduled only during temple timings listed on our website. Temple may add additional charge for the cleaning cost, if the area is left uncleaned.

Cancellation policy:

  • Change in date/time/location of service needs to be notified 7 days in advance to avoid change fee.

  • Cancellation Fee for private puja scheduled at temple (or) home:

    • Canceling prior to 7 days - 20% (rounded up to nearest $5)

    • Canceling within 7 days for any puja - 40% (rounded up to nearest $5)

    • Entire money can be donated to the Temple, without any cancellation fee.