Ramaswamy Bhattar

Email / 502-299-9523

Bhattar ji comes from a long lineage of accomplished priests and is a seventh generation priest from the village of Sugganahalli in Karnataka State of India. He is a graduate from Mysore Maharaja Sanskrit College, Mysor. He is also a recipient of the Pancharathraagama Praveena in 1983. Sri Bhattarji has more than forty years of diverse experience working as a priest at many popular Hindu Temples in the USA and in India.

For twenty six(26) years he worked in several popular temple like Sri Lakshminarasimha swamy temple in Sugganahalli, Lord Prasanna Venkateswara Temple in Bangalore, Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Teple in Koramangala, and Nimishamba temple in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Since 1998, he had worked at Hindu Temples in Kentucky, Florida, Ohio and Alabama in USA. He has joined HTCI in November 2013.

Bhattar ji is an expert in shodasha karmas, all types of pujas and samskaras , Homas, Abhishekams, Utsavams. He is an expert and a degree holder in Pancharathraagama Padmasamhita (one of the 108 samhitas associated with temple pujas). The rendition and pure diction of various slokas, vedic chants along with the detail in the ritual assert his knowledge of Sanskrit and command over the ritual procedures.

Sri Bhattar ji is conversant in Sanskrit, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Badrinath Sapkota

Email / 317-517-3609

Badrinath ji hails from a family of revered priests from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the third generation priest in his family.

Badrinath ji received his MA (Acharya in Hindu Philosophy) degree from the famed Banaras Hindu University, India. He is well versed in the Ashtadasa Puranas and also possesses competent awareness of all the four Vedas.

Badrinath ji joined HTCI in 2013 after being a priest of 28 years at the Kurma Narayan Temple, Ayodhya for 10 years, Radhakrishna Temple at Brindavan for 3 years and Sri Venkateswara Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Badrinath ji is an expert in all shodasha samskaras, Abhishekams, Pujas, Homams as well as Kumbhabhishekam. He is an acclaimed expert in the chanting of all sthothras, suktams and in giving discourses on Puranas, Bhagavatham, Mahabharat and Ramayana. He is fluent in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, and Nepali

Keerthivasan Srinivasan

Email / 248-525-8917

Sri Kirthi Vasan ji was initiated into Vedic studies at the Deekshitar Gurukulam Vruddasram Trust, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India.He continued his studies in Veda and Prayoga Shastra at Sri Bharati Theertha Prayoga Paatashala in Salem under the tutelage of Brahmasri Venkataraju Sastrigal.

He worked as a priest for four years at the Raja Rajeswari temple in Salem, and then at the Shiva temple in Rajasthan and the Om Shakthi temple in Bengaluru. Before joining HTCI in June 2015, he served as a priest at the Parasakthi Temple in Michigan.

He is familiar with all forms of Archana, Abhishekam, Homam(like Chandi Homam, DurgaLakshmi and Saraswathi Homam, Dhanwantari Homam).

He speaks fluent Tamil and Telugu and good communication skills in Hindi and English.

Prasanth Janda

Email / 317-427-3318

Prasanth Sarma ji is originally from Adilabad District of Telangana State. Till he flew to Indianapolis to join our temple, he was employed at a Private Community Temple in Hyderabad, India. Before that he was serving in other temples in Nizamabad and Basar in TS.

Teja Vedantham

Email / 314-607-9828

Teja Vedantham ji successfully completed study of Krishna Yajur Veda at Avadhoota Datta Peetham in Mysore (2002-2008). Before joining us he was a priest at various temples in Michigan and Ohio. Teja ji participated in many pujas in NY, NJ, TN, OH, TX, WI, MO and CA.

He can speak in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English.