Sahasrapatra Sarana Vriksham

Every leaf donation is one step closer to the dream… “Debt Free Temple”

The embodiment of many Devas and Devatas, the Kalpa Vriksha and Vata Vriksha, divine trees in Heaven and on Mother Earth respectively, are considered by many as holy, wish-fulfilling trees. At HTCI, we are blessed to have a similar, wish-fulfilling tree in our Sahasrapatra Sarana Vriksham. Adorned with 1008 leaves, a donation by a devotee will ensure that the name of the devotee’s Ishta Devata will be engraved, along with the devotee’s name, on a leaf. Although each leaf will possess a different devata’s name, the tree will unite all devotees through the eternal oneness, ‘Ekam Sat.’ 

Over the past 15 years, HTCI has undertaken multiple loans in order to build what devotees now enjoy as a place of workship and meeting. After a multitude of loan payoffs, a $1.5 million loan remains to be paid off. With the intention of involving each devotee in this effort, we request a donation per leaf to be made at $1,116. By enrolling 1008 devotees in our leaf donation program, HTCI will be able to pay off our outstanding loan and continue to engage our devotees in our service to God. 

Pay online for your leaf by clicking the below link

Once we receive the payment, we will reach out to you for Ishta Devata Name and other details or you can email those to or

Why Donate?
The Skanda Purana says:  “From the wealth you have earned by rightful means, take out one-tenth, and as a matter of duty, give it away in charity. Dedicate your charity for the pleasure of God.” As a community, we all experience good fortune due to the blessings of the supreme Lord and our elders. We beseech devotees to join hands in our effort to donate to the abode of the supreme power. 
We at HTCI cordially invite you all to sponsor a leaf, at $1,116, with the name of your Ishta Devata (the deity of your wish) and receive the Lord’s divine blessings