Stotra Classes

HTCI is happy to announce a unique opportunity to learn Stotras directly from our own Acharyas. Our Acharyas will focus on correct pronunciation and recitation of the Stotras. Our Acharyas will provide appropriate context as the Stotra moves from invocation to nama-parayanam to phala-shruti. Participants will also be provided with authentic digital version of the Stotra in multiple languages.

Vishnu Sahasranama

The classes are for all adults and children above 5. "Shri Vishnu Sahasranama" is taught by Ramaswamy Bhattar ji.

Duration:         16 Sessions, 45 minutes per session on Sunday & Wednesday 

Location:         Online Video Conference (Google Meet) 

Attending devotee's feedback

Thank you for coordinating each class, and thanks to our guru Bhattar ji.

1. Google meet medium classes were mostly good. Once or twice (rare) we did have a little delay or unclear in voice communication.

2. The teaching was clear and class pace felt good. The one thing I would have liked was one last class after the teaching was complete, where we went over and read the whole Vishnu Sahasranamam as 10 verses a person. Just a complete review 

3. I found the Wednesday & Sunday classes convenient 

4. Personally I felt that we needed the 60 minutes. I liked the consistent reviewing at the beginning of each new section.

5.Yes, I would like to learn Sri Rudram and Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam please 

Thanks to HTCI for making this possible


1. Excellent, Bhattarji and Anilji were both great, google meet was fine, we should encourage students also to turn on video fo

2. Showing the verses on video screen may further help in 2 or 3 languages ( Hindi, English, Telugu) you can choose languages based on students

3. Wednesday, Sunday worked well. 7 pm was worked well for me. Twice a week is better, so it is on top of mind. 

4. Prefer at least 45 min, 30 is too short and not feasible given the stotra we are learning 

5, I would like a class on daily nitya puja process and mantras. This is especially helpful for youth and stotras, I suggest sree suktam, Rama raksha stotram and Sri indrakshi stotram given the pandemic


धन्यवादः 🙏🏽

1. Google meet worked out well ( better than zoom). The participants were responsible and kept the “ mute” on when not participating in the conversation or shloka recitation. That helps. 

The teaching process was good. 

2. It was good - maybe ask the students to not rush through when asked to recite the shlokas. That way the other students ( and the teacher) can correct improper pronunciation of words. The whole idea of getting high quality practice at each session is lost if participants rush through as if it is a race.

For something like Vishnusahasranamam, perhaps 20 to 24 sessions might be better. The last few sessions seemed rushed for time to learn new shlokas


Medium of teach and the process was perfect. Very good idea to alternate between students to recite. I liked the fact that you maintained timings and did not start late. 

As of now, I want to just take time out in practicing VS for now. Thank  you🙏


1. I think the google meet worked well. I know some people did not always remember to mute themselves but it worked all right in spite of that.

2.  I think the teaching process was excellent. The recordings really helped a lot. Bhattarji was a very patient and kind teacher. 

3.  Timing was good. It does not matter weekdays or weekends to me. 

4. 60 minutes is what we did most days and I think that was good.

5. I would be grateful for another class. Lalitha Sahasranam, Shiv Mahimna Stotra, kanaka dhara Stotra are all good ones


@Battarji: thank you so much for your time, dedication & patience with teaching the Vishnu Sahasranamanam. 

I have to admit that my girls (14&12) are better than me in reciting the Sanskrit verses and I don't know how to explain that. 

I look forward to see us recite this at the temple. I think it is a great idea 

Sorry for missing the last session. We made some last minute plans for Father's day!

Anil ji, thanks for your time to lead the group. 

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I look forward to many more online offerings by Battarji!