At Your Home

The Making of a Home filled with Bhakthi

Seva at Home

Most of the services that can be performed at the temple can be performed at home. Of course it will be another time and place where near and dear can participate along with you.

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needed samagri

That also means that you will need to prepare for it. Material required for various pujas are provided in documents below, so you can prepare for the event at home.

Contact your assigned priest if you need more info.

online request

Quick and convenient way to request a puja at your home or business, even on your mobile device.

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samagri lISt MISSING?

If the puja samagri list you are looking for is missing, it is becuase either the materials required for your puja are specific to your tradition or that we do not yet have the material list published.

You could send email to or please talk to your assigned priest to obtain the puja material list.